Printing Styles for your Wedding Invitations

Posted by , Owner of Carte Blanche, on Dec 18, 2014

Thinking of your wedding invitations? What about print medium? If you didn’t know this digital printing is the most economical form of printing when it comes to your wedding invitations. Especially if you’re having a small wedding. But if you’re in need of 100+ invites you may want to consider the following printing mediums.


1- Off-set printing
This form of printing is very similar to digital printing. Its flat but printed on a high end press. Plates of made of your wedding design and then imprinted onto your wedding cardstock. I usually suggest this form of printing for couples who are after a full dark colour something like black or navy for their wedding invites. A variety of metallic colours are also available – something digital printing cannot achieve.

2- Thermo Engraving
I usually suggest this form or printing when a couple is after a simple classic or modern design for their wedding invitation. Thermo engraving puffs up and is often referred to as raised ink. It is a classic and probably most common form of printing when your parents and grandparents got married. If you’re looking to luxe up your invitations you may want to consider this form of printing.

3- Letterpress
This is the oldest form of printing and one of the most classic. As opposed to thermo (raised ink) letterpress leaves a lovely imprint like effect. If you have the cash and you’re after something timeless and elegant letterpress might be something to consider.

4- Foil Stamping
This is by far my fav if you’re looking to glam up your wedding invitations. Foil stamping is called dry printing because it does not use any sort of ink for printing purposes. It is a dry stamping process where ink, magnetism, or plates are not used to print letters and pictures as is used in traditional printing methods. In place of all these things, foil stamping uses dies or carved metal plates, heat, and foil in the stamping process. A definite classic!

I love printing. It’s a real craft especially if you’re into specialty printing. Over the years I’ve built wonderful relationships with all of my printers. They are passionate, knowledgable, reputable and located in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Glam Up Your Wedding Invitations

Posted by , Owner of Carte Blanche, on Dec 13, 2014


Here are some great ways to glam up your wedding invitations so they look chic and upscale.

1- Get your invitations printed on a star dream shimmer cardstock. Order matching or colour shimmer envelopes.

2- Add sparkled gems to your invitation design. You don’t need too many just a few here and there. This will give your invites that lovely bling effect.

3- Get custom liners printed… something with a pattern or in one of your wedding colours.

4- Order premium colour envelopes… these will boost up your package giving it a sharper look.

5- Get addresses printed onto your envelopes. I use the same colours, fonts, graphics or monogram from each client’s invitation design.

These 5 tips are easy to achieve. Weather your making your own or having your wedding invitations custom made… all of these are available in Toronto and surrounding areas.


Top Invitations and Wedding Stationery Tips

Posted by , Owner of Carte Blanche, on Nov 14, 2014


Here are my top tips that will help you understand how important your wedding invites and stationery is and how the process works…

Why are printed invitations so important when it comes to weddings?
Your wedding is a once in a life time celebration and its announcement should convey all the excitement you feel; the tactile sensation of paper in hand is a big part of it. Putting words on fine paper make a personal connection and it shows how much you value that person. I have to say, I didn’t know how to respond the day I received my first wedding e-vite. Thankfully, most invitations today are still printed on paper despite the immense popularity of electronic communication.

When should you book a stationer?
You want enough time to plan everything from the save-the-des to the menu cards. To make it a fun stress-free experience, sit down with your stationer 8 to 12 months before and describe your wedding – location, time, number of guests, small details about yourself and the groom, and what you want design-wise.

When should you mail invitations?
Remember, the bride and groom aren’t the only ones making plans. You can mail save-the-dates up to a year before your wedding, especially if you’re having a destination wedding; invitation themselves should go out 6 to 8 weeks before the date.

What are some of the other pieces to include in your invitations suite?
Weddings are becoming weekend-long events. Maybe you need a map of the area, a list of weekend activities for guests, or wedding pockets to hold all these pieces. Its not essential to have them match, but it does make a nice statement when they do.

How many extras should I order?
It seems excessive, but ordering 25 extra invitations is very practical. Guests lists change over the course of an engagement, invitations get lost in the mail and you may want to keep some as a mementos. Brides are creating scrapbooks for themselves, their families, or bridesmaids; the invitation is often the first piece within that.

Where should you begin?
Choose a theme that’s iconic or special to you and your husband-to-be, and consistently express it through the quality of the paper, print style, colour of the ink, a unique graphic element, or even a certain typestyle. Cut out things you like from magazine or start a few Pinterest boards.


Should couples have a specific style in mind when ordering invitations and stationery?
If you do wonderful, if not, start with something concrete, like your colour palette, and go from there. And don’t be afraid to go in one direction for save-the-date and switch it up a little for your invitation. Your save-the-date should be more fun and only reveal a hint of what is coming next. Invitations generally are kept a bit more formal.

There are brides who come in with a very fuzzy idea of what they want. How do I help them hone their vision?
I always start all my client relationships with a “get to know you” chat. I get to hear the story of how they met, fell in love, and became engaged. Subtle details that the couple might not be able to envision as playing a role in their stationery can be some of the best places to start, especially since they tend to be the most personal and most unique. From there, it’s my job to focus on how best to reflect the couple.

And there are the brides who come in with binders of inspiration…
I love when brides bring inspiration to the first meeting. It never hurts to be able to talk about what “rustic”, “vintage”, or “casual elegance” means to them. Words that get used so often in wedding planning sometimes need to be explored visually so that everyone’s on the same page. And sometimes the best hints about what they are looking for can come from the “stuff we don’t want” section of the binder.

My advice when it comes to the wording?
Even if you see the need for more traditional wording, you can always experiment with a bit more playfulness on the RSVP. I love to use “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” and “We’ll be there in spirit” for the accepts/regrets. And there are always ways of adding a short-and-sweet line in unexpected places.

Is it possible to have an invitation that feels contemporary and creative yet formal?
Absolutely! The formal nature of an invitation can be relayed in so many ways-classic tyography, wording choices, using a professional calligrapher, as well as decisions about materials. For example, using a classic white invitation but choosing fluorescent ink can be a great way to mix formal and contemporary.

Best way to cut cost…
One of our favourite cost-cutting ideas that we offer clients is an option to assemble their invitations themselves. It’s a great way for couples to involve their wedding party or family members who really want to help with the planning. You can also save by combining items. For example, assembling your own pocket enclosures or inserting your custom liners.


Julie & Chris

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Last winter I was busy working on Julie and Chris’ invitations and wedding stationery. Choosing one of my floral designs from the “off the rack” collection, Julie and Chris wanted to incorporate their own custom colours. Black and eggplant… unusual colours to pair up with a floral design. Frankly I find unusual much more memorable. The floral pattern in these invites was inspired from a needle point piece from the 1940’s. I love the simple flow of details in this invitation design. Julie and Chris’ wedding was classy, tasteful and timeless!
Beautiful photos by Melissa Sung Photography.









Photography by

Félix’s Birth Announcements

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I didn’t want to be too over the top with Felix’s baby announcements but I also wanted these to be fun, tasteful and reflecting my baby boy in the best way possible. Here is where I ended up… I started by using this lovely photo of him being held by his big sister Élodie. In my eyes this photo is the perfect initial brother and sister bonding moment beautifully captured by my husband Colin. Since this was an iphone photo as opposed to a professional shot I had to gave it a mini photoshop tune up.

Next I created a custom “Félix” wordmark combined with a spaceship theme including a vintage space/planet illustration. A mini tag was also designed and tied with matching twine turning the card into a little package as opposed to a single simple card.

Both return and personal addresses were custom designed and printed directely onto each envelopes. I love how these finish off the announcements!


Birth Announcement – Creative Process

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I would say the birth of a child is the most precious gift anyone could ever experience. I recently gave birth to a very special baby boy whom we named Félix. I must say his arrival into this world has been a pretty magical thing!

I’m currently working on a few visual ideas for his birth announcement. A “Félix” wordmark along with 1 or 2 photos are a must. As for supporting graphics I’m thinking space ships would be boyish and fun!

Colours… electric powder blue and aqua accents would go well with the photo of Félix and his proud big sister Élodie. Below are a few visuals and inspirations…




August Weddings

Posted by , Owner of Carte Blanche, on Aug 29, 2014

This wedding season I would say 50% of my weddings took place in August. Personally I think it is an absolute wonderful time to have a wedding. All of my August weddings were a great inspiration for this little story. As for decor, design and colour… the end of summer can still be summery and can include the richer end of summer decor and colour palettes. Here are a few August weddings from some of my favourite wedding blogs…

Style Me Pretty Canada –
Stylish Quebec Wedding at Le Belvedere


Wedluxe Weddings –
Chelsea & Adam

100 Layer Cake –
Handcrafted countryside wedding in Barcelona


Ruffled –
Magnolia Plantation Wedding


Style Me Pretty Canada

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I recently posted Andrea and Ian’s wedding on my blog. These guys had a beautiful downtown wedding at Bohmer Restaurant (on Ossington). I also did a post on the awesome photography team couple – Brit & A Blonde

Looks like Andrea and Ian’s wedding was recently featured on Style Me Pretty. Great job on the photos by A Brit & A Blonde and a great mention for Carte Blanche Design for wedding stationery along with all the other great Toronto vendors!

So happy to have been part of the making of Andrea and Ian’s wedding!



Wedding Stationery Questionaire

Posted by , Owner of Carte Blanche, on Jul 12, 2014


If you’re having a hard time envisioning your wedding invitations, here is a questionnaire that can help figure out what style of invitations and stationery you want designed. Something that will best suit your big day.

1. Where is your wedding taking place?
A) Urban setting
B) Out in the country
C) Upscale Hotel/Country Club
D) Backyard Wedding
E) Other

2. What is your colour palette style?
A) Black and white with a hint of colour
B) Natural colours
C) Neutrals and/or soft classic colours
D) Colourful with some neutrals
E) Other

3. What season is your wedding taking place?
A) Summer
B) Spring
C) Fall
D) Winter
E) Other

4. What is the style/personality of your wedding?
A) Modern
B) Outdoorsy/Casual
C) Romantic Chic
D) Fun and playful
E) Other

5. When it comes to decor and design, do you lean more towards:
A) Bold patterns
B) Simple and elegant with a monogram
C) Florals, watermarks and soft graphics/impressions
D) Traditional yet clever
E) Other



6. When it comes to paper goods what do you envision adding to your invitation package?
A) Colour envelopes
B) Twine and a fun tag
C) A pocket enclosure
D) Custom pattern liners
E) Other

7. When it comes to printing what do you like best?
A) Digital printing as it is most flexible and economical
B) Thermo engraving for that luxe yet traditional look
C) Letterpress for that beautiful upscale impression
D) Foil stamping for that ultra luxe and glam

8. What additional printed pieces do you think you will need to add to your invitaiton package?
A) A map card/accommodations card
B) Printed addresses
C) Monogram seals
D) Itinerary card
E) Other

9. What type of invitation package do you want to send your guests?
A) A simple package… invitation and reply only
B) A well organized package with a pocket enclosure including various stationery pieces
C) Custom die cut cards with round corners with premium colour envelopes and paper
D) Nicely packaged with a belly band and shimmery cardstock
E) Other

10. What sort of first impression do you want create and communicate to your guests with your invitations?
A) Urban party
B) Traditional with your own twists
C) Casual, classic yet fun
D) Super glam ritzy soiré
E) Other

Hello Magazine

Posted by , Owner of Carte Blanche, on Jun 23, 2014

First gossip mag! Carte Blanche’s invitation designs were recently part of Hello Magazine’s celebrity wedding section. The magazine spread covered 3 upcoming celebrity weddings. The “Bridal Style” section starting with Mila Kunis’ January wedding… classic, timeless and simple. Amber Heard’s caribbean wedding… fashion-forward with a mix of pinks and golds. And Scarlett Johansson’s fall wedding… vintage, simple in silvers and whites. Very excited to have been part of it!