Question & Answers

Q. How early should invitations be sent out?
A. Invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. If you have a number of guests coming from overseas, you should send out your invitations 10-12 weeks prior.

Q. How long does it take to get wedding invitations done?
A. It takes between one to two months, depending on the invitation and degree of¬†customization. It’s always best to start a little early.

Q. How does our process work?
A. The process starts with a no-charge consulation meeting, followed by a detailed quote with options. With written cost approval, a deposit is sent in and a work back schedule is sent out. Then the design begins! We first make sure your design of choice is exactly what you envisioned. Once your final choice is made these are then perfected. Final proofs are then approved by signature or by email, prior to going to print. We can also take care of assembly, addressing, stuffing and mail out as required.

Q. What does your cost include?
A. Custom design, project management, specialty orders, print ready files, printing supervision, quality control, assembly work and any other upgrades if required.

Q. What date should be on my reply cards?
A. The norm is asking your guests to reply one month before your wedding date.

Q. What is etiquette on addresses?
A. According to traditonal etiquette the bride should hand write each guest address. You can also ask a family or wedding party member who has great hand writing to handle it. Or you can hire a caligrapher or even simply get them printed on your envelopes. Reply and return addresses can also be printed. I find these look really sharp and nicely finish off each invitation package.

Q. Do I need a map card?
A. I would say if you have many out of town guests this might be a good idea. You may want to include recommended hotels on that map as well as more detail hotel information on the back side of each map card.

Q. When are save the dates usually sent out?
A. 6-8 months prior to your wedding date. These should reflect your invitations but only give out a hint of what is yet to come.

Q. When should I start thinking of wedding day stationery?
A. Depending on what you require, you shoud start the process one to two months before your wedding day.

Q. What type of printed pieces should I consider for my wedding day?
A. This all depends on what type of wedding you are having. Most people get seating cards and/or seating charts done. Menu cards can look amazing when they are part of each place setting. If you’re having a long ceremony, a program is always a good idea. Don’t forget table numbers and perhaps gift tags.

Q. How does your “Off the Rack” collection work?
A. This our pre-designed collection which has 25 designs to choose from. Pick your colours and e-mail in our copy. Each set is priced at $4-$5 per set. For more info, check out my 2012 November blog posting by clicking here.