Wedding Save the Date Ideas

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If you’re getting married in the spring or summer of 2016 you might want to start thinking about your wedding invitations. But foremost you may also want to consider getting save the date cards mailed out. These don’t have to be too elaborate if you don’t want them to be. They can be simple with maybe a few of your own personal custom twists.

Save the dates will simply tell all of your family and friends to book the date for your big day. That way if other spring or summer events pop up at their end your wedding date will be saved in their books!

Over the years I’ve done my share save the date blog posts. So this time I thought I would see what’s out there when it comes to fresh ideas.

First off I founds this wonderful DIY save the date card on B. Loved Blog I thought were quite creative and fairly easy to recreate with perhaps using your favourite font and wedding colours.







What You Should Know About Wedding Invitations

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When should you contact a wedding stationer? Ideally a year prior to your wedding day. It’s always a good idea to be early that way you can be involved from beginning to end assuring quality with having lots of time to make the right choices. My recommendation would be to start by sending out save the date cards. These are usually sent out 6-7 months prior to your wedding day.

When to send out? Your wedding invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks (about 2 months) before your big day. If you have lots of out-of-town guests or doing a destination wedding, you might want to consider sending out your wedding invitations 3-4 months before your wedding day.

How many invitations should you purchase? I often get couples who think they should send out one invitation per person. So when I tell them the norm is 1 per couple or family…. they are relieved at how much money they will be saving. Other than that I usually recommend an additional 15-20 sets for the extra invitees (b-list) and some for a keepsake.

What should be included in your invitation package? You can make your wedding invitation package simple with an invitation card, reply card and outer envelope.  For the rsvp, you ask your guests to send in their reply via email or on your wedding website. You can go with a more elaborate package by adding pieces like a map/accommodations card, brunch card inside a pocket enclosure or a custom belly band.

What are some simple upgrades for your wedding invites. A great way to boost your invitations package is colour envelopes. Best to get the envelopes printed with your return address and perhaps guest addresses if you don’t feel like hand writing them. Also putting accommodations info on the back of the map card is a simple and useful addition.

What should I be thinking about when it comes to wedding day stationery? The most common item my clients get is either a seating chart or seating cards. Menus and table numbers are also ordered very regularly. If you have a fairly long ceremony you might want to get ceremony programs designed and printed. This gives your guest something to read and follow during your ceremony.

Fresh Colour Combos for your Wedding Invitations

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When it comes to choosing and mixing colour the possibilities are endless. Whether its bold, soft or states contrast its important to find the right balance. The value of colour plays a big part in all of that. The value is simply how light or how dark each colour can be fine tuned to… so if you’ve chosen a colour palette made up of pastel colours they need to be of the same or similar value meaning the same tone. Other options would be to use all dark or choose dark and light to create contrast. Whatever your final choice is make sure you run this by a few people prior to moving forward. I would also advise bringing your colour palette everywhere you go in order to give all of your vendors a good visual sense of your wedding colours.

Check out a more detailed version of each of colour palettes below at









Best Patterns for your Wedding Invitations

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Adding pattern to your wedding invitations can create depth as well as making your entire package very easy on the eyes. Whether it’s bold, romantic or subtle there are millions of options out there. For starters you should choose something that will best reflect your big day. A great starting point is doing an initial visual search on Google Images and Pinterest. This will get your juices flowing and perhaps give you great inspiration to the perfect pattern. Below are some of the latest trends in patterns for weddings invitations.

Water Colours
For a bolder look, mixing water colours can give your wedding invitation that ultra unique look. Using 1, 2 or even 3 colours this look will give your invites a great pow your guests will remember for years to come.




Lace Laser Cuts
If you’re after something lacy or intricate some companies have taken these to another level by getting all sorts of lovely patterns laser cut. The cut outs add great depth to a classic and timeless design.




Confettis and Glitter
Glam is in… I’m loving gold these days. Confetti is a subtle way of saying “let’s celebrate”. These will give your wedding invitation that glitzy glamourous timeless look.




Hand Painted Florals
This bold vintage illustrative look is very pretty, different and uber fresh. You can attempt these yourself if you’re a creative cat or perhaps your can look into hiring an illustrator to recreate your very own wedding floral pattern.




5 Reasons to Get Custom Invitations

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No. 1 – Your Wedding Style
Your own personal stationer can help you put together the wedding invitation you’ve been dreaming of down to the smallest details. Whether you’re having a destination wedding, a wedding weekend, different cultures, languages, ceremonies? A very distinct theme? A spectacular location? A designer can keep your wedding stationery unique, uber personal and tasteful.

No. 2 – Service
The level of attention and service you’ll receive is something that those big invitation manufacturing companies cannot offer. Your personal designer is there to get to know you and care about what matters. An expert will help guide you in the right direction as well as help relieve stress.

No. 3 – Expertise
They will help take the stress out of the process, educating you on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to design as well as guiding you through printing processes. This includes the right tips on wedding stationery etiquette, mailing times, who to send what, where, when, how and why.

No. 4 – Details, details!
Since this is a major life event much thought should go into your wedding invitations and day of stationery. Your wedding stationer can recreate a family crest or something inspired by your grandmother’s wedding invites. Colours can be matched exactly to your desired colour palette. From a personal monogram, custom graphics or pattern – the sky’s the limit!

No. 5 – Keep it Local
Hiring a local designer gives you the benefit of being involved in the process from A-Z. For starters you will meet with the designer for a no cost consultation where you can ask any questions you may have. You will also be able to view paper, printed proofs and even attend the final press approval if you’d like. That way you will not have to worry about what the end product will be, as you will view everything before all gets printed.



Jennifer & James Part 2

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Sharing photos of Jennifer and James’ romantic east coast wedding in New Brunswick. It was a late summer wedding full of beautiful people and great settings with tasteful decor and stationery.






Jennifer kept everything soft and simple. Her wedding invitations were designed in a white, blush and gold. Everything printed in a luxe thermo engraving finish including her reply and return addresses plus belly band. The wedding day stationery was then designed to match with Jennifer’s invites. We custom designed place cards including the blush pink stripes on the back of each card, large table numbers and simple menu card all in the same colours and paper. These clearly added a great final touch to Jennifer and James’ beautiful tables and place settings.

Wedding photos courtesy of Yorke Photography –








Wedding invitations Toronto. Carte Blanche Design invitations Toronto.

My Word on Wedding Seating Cards

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Maybe you’re wondering how this whole wedding seating thing works in terms of who sits where and how your guest know where to sit etc… well it’s actually very simple.

First you need to send out wedding invitations…. then you wait until your reply cards come back. Once you have all of your RSVP cards you then know who’s coming. You are now ready to start working on your wedding seating arrangements. But first you need to ask yourself if you’d prefer a large seating chart or mini escort card? You’re probably wondering what the different is between these two options. The seating chart is a large board/poster listing all of your guest’s names with assigned tables. Escort cards serve the same purpose only your guests get to pick them up and take them to their assigned tables.

Once you have made your choice between a seating chart or escort cards you then need to figure out if you’d prefer to have assigned seating for your guests – meaning a name card at each place setting or simply getting your guests to choose a chair once they get to their assigned table. Your choices are based on personal preference, keeping in mind that all options work very well. Whether you choose a seating chart or escort cards… my recommendation is to list last names from A-Z. That way your guests can find their names easily and quickly.






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Jennifer & James Part 1

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This beautiful east coast wedding was full of soft colours, clean design with a timeless flare. Jennifer and James had a classic wedding day with a few of their very own custom twists. Their full invitation package was printed in a metallic gold thermo engraving (also referred to as raised ink). The back side of each card had soft pink diagonal flat stripes. We kept all pieces consistent from invitation card to belly band to printed addresses. When a couple is after for a simple wedding stationery design I often will suggest using thermo engraving as I find it is the perfect print medium to luxe up a modern or classic design.

Wedding and invitation photos courtesy of Yorke Photography –




Meaghan & Ben

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Planned with a timeless and classic touch Meaghan and Ben also added a strong Breakfast at Tiffany’s twist to their wedding day. Their invitations were printed on a full champagne shimmer paper ensemble and printed in all black. The entire design was typography based – in other words we had fun with type. I kept Meaghan and Ben’s monogram simple and added a soft champagne watermark pattern throughout the entire stationery package giving it a romantic look and feel. Below you can see more of Meaghan and Ben’s wedding day taking place the the “Old Mill” in Toronto courtesy of Jennifer Moher Photography.










Meaghan and Ben (446)



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Hot Colours!

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I’m loving this year’s colour palette. Can’t wait to apply these to some of my new invitations designs! Love anything nature inspired – definitely the place to get colours. Whether you are a simply bride or have more spunk here are inspiring images that are definitely easy on the eyes.











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